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Clients testimonials after visiting PACIFIC ACCUPUNCTURE CENTER


The Best Doctors I have ever had the pleasure to be healed by! And I have a bastion of Medical conditions. No matter how bad i felt before, I don't feel bad anymore! I love Mia & Mike!! I feel and look GREAT now thanks to THEM!! HUM HAO!! GREAT in Chinese phonetically! :))

Annie H


This place is fantastic!  They saved my way life, not exaggerating.  When I first went in to see Mia I had been diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia, which can lead to blindness if not treated.  I was on a daily high dose of an anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxer, and vicodin, none of which did anything but take the edge off my pain.  I was also being treated with neural numbing agents by way of injection.  The nerves in my head were so sensitive I could barely tolerate any touch at all.  The next steps presented to me by my doctor were radiation treatment to kill the nerves (IN MY HEAD!) or steroidal injections (IN MY HEAD!) After my objections it was suggested I try acupuncture, which I was not excited about to be honest, but at that point I was ready to try anything.  Within one month of treatments twice a week I was off all the meds.  I honestly couldn't believe it.  I had been a drugged up zombie for over 8 months, and acupuncture freed me.  My treatment was not an overnight success, because it isn't a pill or magic, it's natural medicine.  The side effects? A wonderful, peaceful feeling, haha.  I never sleep as well as I do after a treatment.  I often compare the feeling to when you wake up naturally (no alarm clock) after the perfect amount of sleep, it's just kind of a magical feeling.  I have had to continue treatment because my situation is incurable, but I now only see Mia every few weeks which I highly prefer to taking meds everyday.

I have also had her treat the chronic bursitis I have in my shoulder, which again will never be healed, and isn't treated in one day.  BUT when it really flares up a few treatments from her (cupping, whoo hoo!) makes it so I don't have to take Motrin for weeks and go get another cortisone shot.  Much preferred in my book.

Mia is amazing at what she does and her personality is great.  I often miss her when my treatments are so spread out.  She really cares about her patients and makes sure that she really knows what is going on with you so she can help you in the best way possible.  I would highly recommend her to anyone I know.

Adrian C.